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    Watch Easy Money (2012) Movie HD Online Free Stream

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    Johan "JW" Westlund is a man living in Stockholm and is a promising student at the Stockholm School of Economics. JW is originally from the Norrland region in Sweden where his father, who has a slight drinking problem, works in a saw mill, while his mother works in a jobs agency. JW is racked by the disappearance of his sister, Camilla, four years earlier. JW feigns the appearance of a "Stekare" (in Swedish parlance, a lifestyle based on flaunting one's apparent wealth), actually leading a double life driving taxi illegally to finance his expensive life on Stureplan. A romance with the upper class girl Sophie leads to him being enticed into the world of organized crime. Abdulkarim, who is running the taxi business, offers JW to begin selling cocaine.

    Jorge Salinas Barrio is a Chilean man who went to prison after being caught in the drug business. He has now escaped and is on the run from the police. Jorge knows everything about cocaine. He has a plan: to revenge those who snitched on him, among them Yugoslavian mafia boss Radovan Kranjic, and to make one final cocaine delivery and then leave the country for good.

    Mrado Slovovic, a hitman who runs errands for the Yugoslavian mafia, is sent by Radovan on a mission to take care of Jorge. At the same time has to struggle with taking care of his eight-year-old daughter, who he is forced to take with him on his job because the mother has a drug addiction.

    These three characters cross paths through their dreams about quick earnings. Once JW and Abdulkarim have the cocaine sales going they want to expand. Abdulkarim has heard of Jorge, who has at the time made an escape. The word on the street is that Jorge has learned everything about the cocaine business while in prison, and thus JW gets an assignment to hire him. Simultaneously Jorge has tried to blackmail the Yugoslavian mafia boss. Mrado has been assigned to make him think otherwise. When JW finally finds Jorge he is laying beaten-up in a forest, courtesy of Mrado.

    JW had set off the car alarm of the Serbian attackers to distract them from beating up Jorge. Abdulkarim takes care of Jorge who recuperates in JW's student housing apartment, and they start working together. Meanwhile, JW falls for Sophie played by Lisa Henni who is the on and off girlfriend of jet-setter Carl. Carl's father's investment bank is in serious financial trouble. JW acts as the front man for Abdulkarim's cocaine syndicate as they attempt to purchase the bank in order to launder drug money. JW and the drug syndicate visit Jorge's drug dealer friends in Germany. The drug dealers show how they smuggle drugs by inserting drug capsules under the skin of dogs and then letting the incision heal and the hair grow back which takes two months according to the drug dealers. The drug dealers also place drug capsules in the leaves of young cabbage plants and then let the cabbage grow a full size head around the capsule. Abdulkarim's syndicate ultimately negotiates for a shipment of 40 kilos of pure cocaine. The drug dealers want the money deposited in a Swiss account. JW says that Switzerland is not that secret anymore and recommends an account in Andorra or Leichtenstein instead. Later, Jorge advises that JW that he is unlikely to see the money promised by Abdulkarim. JW visits Abdulkarim hideout and while talking with Abdulkarim realizes that what Jorge said was true.

    Mrado is waiting with his daughter at JW's apartment building and offers JW two million for assistance in raiding Abdulkarim's drug shipment. JW agrees on the understanding that no one will get hurt. The drugs arrive in an eighteen wheeler full of cabbages. Jorge and Abdulkarim's men start repackaging the drugs in a warehouse. Meanwhile, JW assists Mrado and one of Mrado's Serbian friends in entering the warehouse. A firefight occurs and one of Abdulkarim's men is seriously wounded immediately. JW is shocked by the turn of events. Jorge realizes that JW has double crossed them. Meanwhile, jet-set Carl's father has phoned the police to report the drug delivery. JW grabs a weapon and holds off the Serbians as the police arrive and a firefight breaks out. JW and Jorge escape to the rooftop and eventually get to a car. Mrado's friend is seriously wounded, but intends to hold off the others so that Mrado can escape. As Mrado runs from an alley, he is hit and seriously injured by the car with Jorge and JW in it. JW, the least injured of the three, is angry with Mrado who had promised that no one would ge hurt. JW shoots Mrado. JW then fires shots at the policemen closing in, thereby allowing Jorge to escape in the car. JW then surrenders to the police. Mrado is taken away by ambulance and calls his daughter on the way to the hospital before dying. Jorge drives off into a forest and is last seen runnning through a field similar to the field that he ran through after escaping from prison.

    The movie ends with JW in prison with tattoos of "JW" and "Camilla" on his arms. He is visited by Sophie who still cares deeply for JW, but she is leaving Sweden to stay at her parent's house in France. She asks JW if he cares for her. She appears to be willing to wait for JW to finish his prison sentence. JW appears to care for Sophie, but says nothing. As Sophie leaves, she relays a message from Jorge who says that Paola had a baby girl. JW says that if Jorge calls again, tell him that "The Brains says Hello."

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